Kaleb Pomeroy

Dad • Programmer • Gamer
Learner • Innovator • Creator • Racker


A huge part of my free time is devoted to Gaming. Playing, learning, designing more... and reading. Games provide a meaningful, rich experience hard to reproduce in other mediums. I enjoy learning new games, or getting better at old ones. I play some competitively, some casually, and most in between. But most of my energy is in the creation and development of games. I am constantly running various ideas and prototypes through my circle of play testers, looking for great ideas. While most prototypes are not fruitful, I'm currently working on what I think will be my first published game, "Tournament Play" (expected release early 2015)


I have been blessed with the best family ever. My awesome wife, Chelsi more... and I were married in June of 2006. Since then, we have had children; Lee ('07), Amanda('08), and Jacob('10), and are expecting another this year. Having a family full of very strong personalities means there is never a dull moment, and I enjoy it all. Nothing is more fascinating than watching the way children learn. Seeing a child's sheer euphoria at figuring out how to do a handstand or beat their dad at Mancala is pure ecstasy.


While not an artist by any means, I greatly appreciate writing, music, and more... visual arts. It takes a truly special individual to take something mundane like letters, pigments or noises and combine them in such a way to produce a thing that transcends boundaries like culture, age, and language. I've learned the 10-hole ocarina, digital painting, and tried my hand at writing. I may be selling myself short, but I think I'll leave it to the true artists to make art, while I enjoy the journey.


Very little moves as fast and as frequent as technology. I have been in the more... technology industry for 7ish years, and I have constantly been pushed to learn and keep up. Nothing is ever perfect, and today's peak is tomorrow's artifacts. I started working with Cloud computing in 2008 with Rackspace. My career has lead me through application programming, system administration, API development, UI & UX desgin, as well as basic networking and security. I'v done Python, Ruby, php, java, javascript (jquery & nodejs) and HTML/CSS. In short, learned some of everything and barely scratched the surface.

Making Things

All of the other headers can be summed up here. In everything, building something new more... for the intrinsic value of building it is what motivates me. This could be a new website, a magic deck I haven't built before, a lego car with my kids, or drawing for the sheer joy of it. I enjoy the seeing a vague reflection of something that might be, and giving birth to what it actually will be. The discovery of creation is a euphoric feeling that I have never found an equivalent for.